Got up to chapter 40 of Tokyo Ghoul, will continue tomorrow…

Anonymous; "fiddlesticks i don't get to see your Fenris! is there any other con you gnna wear i to? cause i want to give you a giant hug :3"

Oh yeah I will def wear it to more cons! I don’t have a DA group or anything which is sad but I always wear my cosplays more than once :D Not sure what my con line up for after NYCC is but I’m thinking Katsu, AB, Zenkai and hopefully Colossal! So I don’t really know right now but I will be Fenris for some of those :D And yay, hugs!


America: I’m watching you, chico. 

Young Avengers, Vol. 2: Style > Substance

Anonymous; "YOU'RE DOING FENRIS AT OTAKON? (dragon age)"

SOBS. I WISH. I REALLY DO WISH. I am actually making Fenris for NYCC!


broodius maximus

I’ve been gone for three weeks so LITERALLY everything showed up in the mail today; new gloves (for Archer), elf ears, blue LEDS, my leggings for Fenris…it was like Christmas. So I’d apologize for all the cosplay WIP posts but I’m not actually sorry.

Here’s my chest plate for Fenris minus the straps so I gotta hold it up.

I went looking for some appropriate material but I could not find anything :/

wtf is Tokyo Ghoul and why am I reading it?


oh dear god.
My sides


oh dear god.

My sides

Right that’s it I’m cosplaying Solomon

For reals though. If ANYONE wants to meet up at Otakon please let me know so I can give you my number. I won’t be hamsteaking so I will probably be a little harder to find. Aka I won’t have a six foot flag of rebellion with me.